"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."


THE COMPANY: a tradition in continuous evolution

An entrepreneurial story initiated in 1969 by Alfredo Prisco, who has made seriousness and professionalism the indispensable pre-requisites of his work. The Prisco world today incorporates the Calzificio Prisco S.p.A. (Prisco, Punto, Ivory) and Proctor S.r.l. (Scopri, Podò, Joma®). The dynamic corporate synergy, which avails itself of the precious collaboration of esteemed professionals, allows the continuous evolution and research, in order to propose more and more innovative and appealing products.

THE PRODUCT: 10 qualities that make it better

In the completeness of our brands, we offer socks for men, women, children, newborns, for sports and comfort, differentiating them into solid colors, fashion, casual and formal products.

All our products guarantee:
RELIABILITY: for the high quality of the raw materials used and the excellent performance;
CERTIFIED QUALITY: all the involved fibers are guaranteed by the most authoritative certifications;
CONFORMITY AND TRANSPARENCY: everything declared on the product corresponds to the truth;
COLORS: colored garments do not fade;
RESISTANCE: the product maintains its shape and characteristics even after many washes;
REINFORCED STRUCTURE: reinforced heels and toes for a long duration of the product;
BABY CARE: the product is suitable and recommended for newborns from the first days of life;
DELICATE BAND: no vascular constrictions;
INNOVATION: use of technologically advanced machinery;
NON-TOXIC: absolute absence of harmful substances.

CUSTOMER CARE: the attitude is worth as much as the content.

The success of a company is determined not only by the quality of the products but also by the efficiency of the pre and post sales service, thus finding a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our offer can be summarized in:
FASHION COLLECTIONS: over 500 styles per year;
DESIGNS TURNOVER: in case we run out of a style, we are able to replace it with a similar one;
STOCK SERVICE: over 120 classic references available all year round;
SALES NETWORK: about 40 qualified agents dedicated to wholesales, and retail;
PRIVATE LABEL: a specific department for the creation of ad hoc lines;
FEEDBACK WITHIN 24H: we believe that quick responses facilitate everyone's working circuit;
CUSTOMER CARE: courtesy and dedication to our customers are a must.

CUSTOMERS: national and international

Thanks to the intense and continuous business development program, our products, in the completeness of the various brands, cover a considerable share of the national market. The distribution includes the best Italian wholesalers and distributors, elegant retail stores, as well as the most significant supermarket chains. Thanks to various production sites in Italy and abroad, we offer a consolidated experience in the production and supply of Private Label lines, for the most prestigious international labels too.